I wish I was a Smart Phone


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It’s a boy!’ said a very proud father whilst he was on the phone to his mother.
I’ll take a picture and send it to you via Whatsapp. Don’t put it on Facebook yet, i’ll let you know when you can share it!’


‘Hi mum, i’ve shared a picture of him on Facebook so feel free to share on your Facebook and I don’t mind if you put it on Twitter. We haven’t named him yet but i’ll let you know, can’t wait to tell everyone his name on Facebook. I bet he’ll get more ‘LIKES’ and ‘LOVES’ than any of my other posts!’

There it is, from the moment a child is born, many of us want to share with the world how beautiful they are, we are proud parents, we can’t wait to tell everyone. Our smart phone storage capacity is very quickly filled with precious moments of the children we adore and would lay our lives down for. Snap shots and selfies of so many occasions so that we don’t miss those moments that go by so quickly. They hit the first year and suddenly we’ve accumulated so many of these photos, many of them repeats of the same picture – just to be sure that we get that perfect shot.

‘I’m going to print these pictures soon and frame them, put them in an album…………’

Year 2 and more photo’s accumulating,

‘I’ll make sure they are backed up for when I print them………’

So many beautiful precious moments not to be missed, but how many of us, without realising, are missing the precious moments with our children because of our smart phones???

Take a 4 year old boy, it’s the beginning of the summer holidays, so much excitement in his eyes, so much joy in the knowledge that he will be spending extra time with his family. Maybe an outing together, or a holiday or enjoying his family home playing games and surrounded by those he loves most.

‘Mummy’, he says

‘Just one minute sweetie, let me just finish……..’ Mummy replies.

‘Wow’ the little boy thinks, ‘Look at that shiny phone and all the buttons, I wish I could play with it as much as my mummy does’.

The little boy is thrilled, he is going to a farm to see and learn about all the animals, and may even get to hold a rabbit. He can’t contain his excitement.

‘Johnny’, says the mummy,

‘Come here and stroke the rabbit’ mummy says whilst she holds her phone in one hand and the push chair in another.

‘Sit there next to the young boy that looks after the rabbit’s, that a good boy’ mummy says.

He sits, and mummy watches her little boy through her smart phone for a split second and takes a picture, making sure she ‘captures that moment’.

‘Good boy Johnny, come along’, and before Johnny knows it they move onto the next opportunity for a photo snap.

‘Oh’, Johnny thinks to himself, I thought that young man would tell me all about the rabbit, I thought my mummy would ask me the rabbit’s name, I wanted to tell my mummy what the fur felt like, I wonder what rabbits like to eat………’

A little girl goes to the park with daddy, she can’t wait to show him how high she can go on the swing.

‘Weeeeeeeeeeeee, look at me daddy’ the little girl loves it when daddy pushes her and helps her get REALLY high.

‘Daddy’s quiet’, the little girl thinks, she turns her head,

Daddy is definitely there in person, he is pushing with one hand and with the other holding his smart phone, scrolling through all the important stuff.

Another little girl is in the park, she is happy to play on her own but knows that her mummy and daddy are watching so makes an extra effort to impress them as she plays.

Mummy and daddy like taking their little girl to the park, she can run free and burn off all that energy she has built up that morning.

Mummy and daddy stand in the park whilst their little girl makes extra effort to impress them and take the opportunity to check their emails, whilst they are on their phones they ‘check in’ to let everyone know how much fun they are having with their little girl.

‘It’s time to go on holiday today, wahooooooooooo!!!!’ said the young boy.

‘I’ve packed my toy bag and books for the journey, can we get sweets on the way Mummy, pleeeeaaaasssee!!’ He said.

‘Yes love.’ Mum says.

In the car Dad is concentrating on the road, mummy is sat in the passenger seat quietly with her head down. Music is playing.

‘It’s a long way to the caravan’, the little boy thinks.

‘I’m starting to get bored’, he continues in his thoughts. As he thinks, he remembers when he was very little when mum and dad used to play I Spy with him, and sing songs to pass the time, or EVEN have a little chat.

‘Some of my friends have ipads to watch a film when they go on holiday’, he thinks.

‘Maybe because i’m a bigger boy we don’t sing songs together in the car anymore, i’d still like to play I Spy with my mum and dad, that was fun, but I won’t say anything in case they think i’m a baby. Maybe because i’m a bigger boy i’m supposed to sit quietly and keep my thoughts to myself. Yes, that’s probably what makes me all grown up. Anyway, my mum is very busy on her phone, I probably shouldn’t bother her, it must be really important. I can’t wait till i’m old enough to have a smart phone so I can sit in my room and play with it. My mum doesn’t read books in the car like she used to.’

If I were a child now, I would wish that I was a smart phone, they get so much attention, and seem so important and special.

I can personally relate to some of the examples above, I am not proud of it, and would even go as far as saying that there are addictive tendencies in my nature when it comes to the smart phone. So, after my experience today, my eyes being opened to the potential ways in which the smart phone could be impacting my children, i’m putting it away, i’m not going to allow those ‘quick checks’ on facebook, emails, twitter and all the rest, to subtly have a detrimental effect on my children.

These examples are just my perception of what I could see from the outside looking in on different situations, of course, we may be waiting for a call, needing to check an important email, wanting to make sure someone we are meeting knows where we are and i’m sure there are many other reasons why we might have to take that quick look at our phone, but I also believe that we need to be wise and remember that our children are watching our every move. We set the examples.

‘Our children are watching us live, and what we are shouts louder than anything we can say.’ Wilfred A. Peterson

‘Children are natural mimics – they act like their parents in spite of every attempt to teach the good manners. Anonymous.

Glorify Him!

Glorify Him!


Glory to our King,

Glorify Him,

Glory to our Saviour,

Glorify Him,

Are we not disciples of the King?

Do we act to glorify Him?

Praise His name!

Sing with joy!

Glorify Him!

Let’s not hesitate,

Let’s not hide!

Let’s be uncomfortable and get rid of our pride,

Glorify Him!

Be humble,

It’s not for us,

God says ‘I AM WHO I AM’

We do not question,

He asks the questions,

It is the Lord, by his blood, that we become pure,

Glorify HIM,

He is the truth,

We fall on the rock,

Who, with his right hand lifts us up.

His compassion in our weakness,

The forgiveness from the throne,

Know HIM through his word,

Glorify HIM in all that we do,

Take away the ‘I’,

Replace with the King,

Glorify HIM!




God given Grace


Before I started to write this article I had been thinking about Grace, and started to ask myself, how would I define Grace? I was also reflecting on how Grace would reveal itself at home with my husband and children, and how I would recognise those times. I prayed and asked God to guide me through my writing – then interrupted in prayer my son called me. He seemed to be quite unsettled and said that he ‘really needed to speak to me right now.’


I went upstairs to find that he was holding a big chunky black crayon, the crayon would normally have paper around it, but as my son began to explain the urgency to why he really ‘needed’ to speak to me – I could see that the black crayon had covered the palms of his hands…..


all was beginning to be revealed.


‘Mum, I’ve taken the paper off the crayon and…….’


Then three little words followed,


‘I’m sorry but……’


He’s only 4 years old, and I was so proud that he came to me to explain, I could sort of predict what was coming next. He’d either got the black crayon on his bedroom floor or the wall. It wouldn’t be the first time! I could see those big round blue eyes looking at me, then glancing back to his bedroom, then looking at me again. You could see that he didn’t quite know how I would respond, he trusted that I would be kind but also knew that there was a possibility that I might get a bit upset with him – but he made the choice all by himself to tell me the truth and be honest and open with me about what had happened.


He went on to explain that he had drawn on the door with the black crayon. Holding a t-shirt he had found on his bedroom floor he proceeded to tell me that he had tried his best to rub it off but couldn’t!


I looked at the crayon – then looked at his little face and him holding the t-shirt that he had used to desperately try and remove the crayon. I took his arms, knelt down to his level, looked at him straight in the eyes and said thank you for being such an honest little boy and telling mummy the truth and saying sorry.


I then said he could do that jigsaw that he’d been wanting to do.


It was at this point that I realised – that was Grace! God had answered my prayers by showing me exactly how Grace is applied in the home.


Oh the joy in my son’s face!


God gives us Grace in the same way.  He doesn’t want us to hide away our sins, run from our wrong. He knows them all anyway! God wants us to come to him as our father, we as his children, tell him what we are struggling with, what we might have done wrong, ask for his help, his guidance and most of all his forgiveness. By doing so, he gives us Grace! He will bless us! ISN’T THAT INCREDIBLE!!!! I know from my own repentance and confession that once you trust in the Lord, just as my son trusted me, you will come out the other side joyful and praising God from his Grace and merciful ways.

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Stepping Stones of Passion




Stepping Stones in the Koi Pond.jpg

Last night my husband came home from work and pretty much without even giving him a chance to get his coat off I began to unleash my thoughts on Exodus and what i’ve been learning about God though this reading.


The problem is – well not a problem really (I don’t think), I get a bit over enthusiastic about what I want to say – and my passion gets crazy, before I know it I realise that i’m throwing my arms around expressively, and the more excited I get the more I’m dancing around the room thinking that this will somehow make a difference to how what is coming out of my mouth is received! Not many people see this side to me – probably a much more toned down version of my passion – although, i’m beginning to think that maybe they should!


Passion! I love seeing passion coming through people, it could be anything, something they love and can’t contain within. They are compelled to share it, have to shout about it, tell everyone!!


The stronger my relationship is becoming with the Lord and the more I grow in my faith, the stronger my passion is getting – but not only that, the stronger my family is becoming.


Sharing your passion is a very simple way to encourage – and the best thing is – you could pretty much share it anywhere. Ok, so there maybe some exceptions.


My husband may have wanted a cup of tea before I blurted out all the thoughts that had built up throughout the day, but he would tell you that my passion and enthusiasm was encouraging, far from boring and helped by building him up. Not only that but he too was able to give me even more insight into what I had been reading. We can:

Encourage one another and build each other up.’ (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

My path with the Lord reminds me of this…..

It’s like, I’m being led across a river over little stepping stones, each one I jump onto is another little bit of knowledge about God. Then after sometime, I suddenly reach a big gap between the stepping stone I’m on and the one I need to reach.  At this point I know that I am being told that I have to take an extra big leap to get to the next level. What I know from my relationship with God, is that it is at this point that something is going to change to give me the ability to take that extra big jump.


What must be remembered is that, the only way I can get across those little stepping stones to reach the stone with the extra big jump is by having a relationship with God and being able to hear him. I can’t know his will, I can’t hear answers to prayer, I can’t jump across the big gap to the next stepping stone unless I’m seeking to have a relationship with the Lord. So what can I do to seek him, to know him, to build a relationship with him and bring him into the family home?


It’s quite simple really – read the bible and discover who God is and pray. Open the book that will tell you all you need to know to live in the truth. Ask God to reveal himself to you – to make the bible come alive!


What I’ve come to realise over the last couple of months is that i’ve been doing it all wrong, the bible should be read to learn about who God is and to know God. That way, aside from prayer – a relationship can be built. Flicking though the bible and hoping to come across scripture that tells me what to do isn’t exactly the best approach to learning who God is.


Digging deeper into the bible – that’s when the pieces start to come together, thats when things got REALLY exciting and life began to change for me. By beginning to truly know God, in a deeper way, I can begin to let my relationship shine through, and shine into my family home.



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image      Someday

Be patient,

Someday they won’t want you to tuck them in,

Someday they won’t jump up and down when you tell them they can have an icecream,

Someday they won’t hide behind your leg when they meet an unfamiliar face,

Someday they will leave the house and slam the door without a kiss,

Someday they may not even want a cuddle!

Someday they will tell you they don’t need your help,

Someday the dancing you do in your living room with them now, will make them run in their bedrooms,

Someday being on their own in their bedroom will be their favourite place – instead of following you around room to room,

Someday that song you sing at bed time or the CD you sing together in the car will be a memory you hold in your heart,

Be patient, because…….

Someday the tantrums on the floor will stop,

The food that’s thrown on the floor will not continue,

They will sleep all night and right through the day!

If you train them well……..

The tea will be brought to you!

They will flourish, they will grow,

They will open our eyes to a whole new world!

Be patient now,

They will soon grow.

image      Someday

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Building Strength in the Family Home



Strength, something we all need! The Lord will bring us strength in many ways through his word. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve needed to pray for strength, but that’s the beauty of it, we can pray for anything as many times as we need to and God will show us, guide us and give us our strength in which ever way he knows best. He loves us, he wants us to come to him, he wants us to tell him that we need him and his help. I believe we should be praying for strength always, praying for strength through protection, ensuring that we are prepared, that we haven’t let our guard down, that we have our armour in place, scripture placed securely in our hearts. The helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, the word of God (Ephesians 6:17). This will bring us strength. Keeping God’s word in our hearts and souls, binding them on our hands and as frontlets between the eyes will bring us strength (Deuteronomy 11:18).



We should be specific to our needs in relation to the strength and protection we need. We can do this by using scripture in our prayers. I am not an expert in this department that’s for sure, particularly being a ‘new’ Christian, but it’s something that I am working on.



‘By wisdom a house is built; it is made secure through understanding.’ (Proverbs 24:3)



When I first came to faith, living a Christ centred life was what I knew I had to focus on, and I realised through the word of God, doing so meant making changes in my home. Building my house with the Lord firmly in it,



‘The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.’ (Proverbs 14:1)



This spoke to me massively when I first came to faith, basically, because I was being the foolish woman in this verse, allowing my house to fall apart around me. It was this verse that one morning, made me realise exactly what I needed to do, which was to build my house with God in it! So that’s what I began to do. With this I needed protection from anything that got in my way, anything that tried to break the family home down, anything that subtly, and oh yes it can be so subtle, tried to stick a thorn between me and my relationship with God, my husband, my children, anything that tried to convince me that my decisions about my home and the way I set out to bring up my children were absurd, and anything that brought me darkness where there should be light.



If we seek earnestly to follow God’s word in how we should live out our relationships in the truth, we are sure to receive the wisdom we need to gain strength, security and protection within our lives.



If we look at Ephesians 5:22-25, God tells us – Christ is the head of the church, HIS body, he is the saviour.



Before we can build our homes with our loved ones, we must be sure that our relationship is firm with the Lord first. If we understand that our security in our lives comes from the Lord – everything else will flow from it. Without that security, (we should remember that all of our security comes from him,) our protection against situations and trials that appear in ALL of our lives in very different circumstances will be like a broken shield, a blunt sword, a wall made of straw…………..



‘Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock.’ (Matthew: 7:24-25)



Once we have that foundation of truth built in the home, we can then begin to look at ourselves, our roles, our responsibilities according to the word. We are told that the husband is the head of the house, and I can freely admit that God has spoken to me quite clearly about this a number of times! ‘Listen to your husband’ – love each other deeply as Christ has loved us, discipline our children with love, just as God disciplines us. Encourage each other always.



It can be difficult when one of you is perhaps feeling ‘heavy’, particularly if it is the man of the house who would normally be leading. Encourage one another and be proactive in your approach to resolving the situation, and most of all, PRAY!



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Love flows deep down into the core of your heart,

Intertwines within your mind,

Shines out through the eyes,

Becomes visible in actions,

Heard in words,

Love can be held in a look,

Felt in a touch,

Read from a word,

Love is captured within,

Seeks to encourage,

Sings in praise,

Doesn’t expect return,

Wants for the other more than for themselves,

Love draws one another closer to God,

Wants one another to love God more,

Binds one another to the beauty of the word,

Is sung through hymns,

Love takes one another to the true meaning of love,

The Cross. ❤️