Glorify Him!

Glorify Him!


Glory to our King,

Glorify Him,

Glory to our Saviour,

Glorify Him,

Are we not disciples of the King?

Do we act to glorify Him?

Praise His name!

Sing with joy!

Glorify Him!

Let’s not hesitate,

Let’s not hide!

Let’s be uncomfortable and get rid of our pride,

Glorify Him!

Be humble,

It’s not for us,

God says ‘I AM WHO I AM’

We do not question,

He asks the questions,

It is the Lord, by his blood, that we become pure,

Glorify HIM,

He is the truth,

We fall on the rock,

Who, with his right hand lifts us up.

His compassion in our weakness,

The forgiveness from the throne,

Know HIM through his word,

Glorify HIM in all that we do,

Take away the ‘I’,

Replace with the King,

Glorify HIM!




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