‘Be on your guard, stand firm in your faith, be men of courage, be strong, do everything in love’

1 Corinthians 16:13-14.

Not sure about you, but most mornings I wake up at a rediculous hour, with my son in front of my face, staring right at me and pulling at my hand, so he can lead me downstairs, to the kitchen, where I grab, 1 banana, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of tea and then, like a ritual, walk back up the stairs , put on zombifying tv, sit my boy on settee with blanket, banana and cup in hand, drink my tea, then lean back and hope to get some more sleep, and just as I lay my head back……..

‘mummy, I need a wee!’

Response number one at that time of the morning,

‘Go on then!’

Then the reality of what I just said sets in, bearing in mind he’s only just started to get the idea of going, bless him!

Response number two,

‘Do you need help? Secretly hoping that he’ll say, no mummy I’m fine, since you put me to bed last night, I can do it all by myself.

My brain then begins to start functioning a little and I realise that I am actually going to have to get up off the settee, go down the stairs, and go through the whole ritual all over again, but this time trying not to wake up my youngest. Why do stairs have to creak so much, and why is it that the quieter you try and be with your kids, its like they know your trying to be quiet, and they just can’t help themselves but rebel against that, and make more noise!!

So, there we have it, first challenges of the day, by this point, i’m awake, and have given up on any more thoughts of relaxing until the end of the day.

The thing is, sometimes I do have ‘quiet time’ first thing in the morning, where the zombifying tv is actually doing its job, and I do love these moments. It’s as if they have been especially planned for me to prepare myself for the day ahead, it’s these moments that keep me strong.

Today wasn’t one of those moments, today I really battled to get out of the house, the neighbours must have loved me, and my kids for that matter, oh the screams, the crying, the crazy family next door!

I barely had time to touch on my flip charts in the kitchen to give me something to meditate on through the day.

Finally getting in the car, after removing the lipstick my son had in his hand just at the right time, I do a quick check in the mirror, (you never know what you could have on your face after that rollercoaster of a morning) I see red lipstick smeared all over my forehead, see, I told you! Had to laugh though. By the way, sooooooo much more happened in between all of this, but you get where I’m going with it.

I can remember once, when I was having a cuppa in a coffee shop, I only had one baby then, I stood up to leave and a women sat opposite said to me,

‘Excuse me love you’ve got a bib stuck to the back of your leg’ I thought, how kind, not everyone would have told me about that, then she said,

‘You know you’re a real mum when you’ve got a bib stuck to you!’ It was funny, and I sort of took it as a compliment, but it also made me think,

‘So, that’s it then, this is what the future holds for me!’ At least she told me about the bib anyway.

I made it to play group this morning, it was wonderful to see my friends and see the kids enjoying themselves, dancing around, being free to play, and giving us mums some time to get ourselves together from the morning rush, thats what I do anyway, finally I can sit. I am blessed to have friends around me. However, I still can’t seem to get out of that crazy mode from this morning.

On my way home this afternoon, when I was reversing into a parking space, I drove my wing mirror into a lampost! My husband was only telling me yesterday how good he thinks I am at driving, whoops.

So, my point of all this, is that we need to be strong, and prepared for whatever challenges we may face throughout the day, however big or small, whatever people, friends, family, or strangers may say to us, we must be ‘on our gaurd’ (Corinthians 16:13). I believe that challenges make us stronger, but I also believe that, if we can prepare, and if we are blessed to get some quiet time, which I know is a rarity, we should try our best to use it wisely, even if your quiet time is in the car driving the kids from one place to another with some relaxing music on during the journey.



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