Why Flourish?

imageWhy Flourish?

‘for he called you out of the darkness into his wonderful light’ (1 Peter 2:9)

You may be asking yourselves this question, ‘why does she think she can help u?’

The answer I can give you is that there are no guarantees, there are no promises, however, what I can tell you is that I do know what it’s like to be responsible for bringing up a family, and would like to share some experiences with you. I have the desire, the willing and the God given seed that has been planted in my heart to walk through this path I have been shown. To help battle through the struggles, difficulties and emotional rollercoasters that the majority of us go through in motherhood and family life at some point in our lives, but thankfully, for the majority of the time, most of us also rejoice in the beautiful blessing that we have, to be a parent.

One thing I can promise you, is that throughout my blogs, I will be open and honest with you, because I can tell you now, that whatever I say, there will be someone else out there who has been through the same struggles, difficulties and stresses at some point in their lives! I know how it feels to think your alone, to think your worthless, that your not doing enough ‘stuff’ with the kids, that your constantly being judged in the way you bring up the kids, losing all your confidence, not wanting to go down stairs in the morning because your afraid of what challenges you may face, dreading the next day the night before for the same reason, constantly crying, not knowing who you are anymore and wondering if you’ll ever be that person again, and thinking that only chocolate, wine and lots of other junk food (which just makes you feel so much worse the next day) can help!

Well, guess what, like many others out there, you can be that person you were again, and even stronger, I am proof! I will try to support you through the love of God, and like he has done for me, and can do for anyone of us, help take you out of the ‘slimy pit’ (Psalm 40:2). Obviously, we all have to take some responsibility for our chosen paths and decisions we make in our lives, but I truely believe, that we are not alone in the choices we make.

Even if your not in the place I was, but want some encouragement, or fellowship, or just some recipes for your family meals, I believe you are looking in the right place. So feel free to have a browse, a scroll through, and if it’s not for you then that’s fine too!

So let’s start telling each other what we really want to hear, the reality, the truth about parenthood, family life and the wonderful blessing that gets us all a bit loopy! Not the coated version or the version of perfection.

You might ask, ‘where are your children whilst you write this blog?’ Oh, don’t worry about them, they are both upstairs, with a dvd, running around, making noise, and lots of it, but that’s all pretty normal behaviour in our house so I’m not concerned. I am also on my second attempt to write this blog, because the first one miraculously disappeared just as I finished it, but I won’t let that stop me. At the same time, I am amongst the pile of dishes, half way through my attempt at cooking the kids a reasonably healthy meal, even though they both just convinced me it was a good idea to give them some sweets about half an hour ago, (thank you Paul, you know who you are!) and I’ve somehow managed to cook the pasta already, even though the rest of the dinner won’t be ready for at least another 15 minutes! Not only that, but my son has just called to say he’s been sick (which he hadn’t) and my daughter was screaming ‘bee, bee’ to let me know that we had a bumble bee in the living room, just fantastic!!!!!!!! Oh, and the turkey sausages are black on the outside and pink in the middle, just awesome….. tomato sauce? !

All is calm again……

So, in the space of 30 minutes, we can see what kind of things we have to work with, even if your not writing a blog at the same time. Yes, they are only small things, but, we all know, little things can build up to an explosion.

Let’s be positive, let’s grow, let’s flourish.

Blessings ❤️


13 thoughts on “Why Flourish?

  1. The pic in the beginning cracked me up! I can definitely relate even though I’m in a different phase of motherhood.. I only have one and he’s still a baby! The stress is real, though, and it’s always good to know you’re not alone. Thanks!

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  2. You are real, and that is what we all need, isn’t it? Friends who aren’t afraid to show their true selves and who love on us as we trust them with our feelings and thoughts. Being a mother can be a lonely business, and we all benefit from being there for each other.

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    1. Thank you, I believe that we should be able to be open with each other, e is usually another person in the same room going through something similar or been through it already. We can support and love one another. ❤️


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